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Wednesday, 07 August 2013 16:59

Boston Celtics: The latest and greatest rumor talk

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This off-season for the Celtics has been very interesting to say the least. Since early June, things have quieted down significantly, and this seems to be the team that the C’s are going to take into this season. With the roster being so bare this upcoming season, the Celtics have hardly any nationally televised games, and most fans will have to buy NBA league pass to watch their games.

When the Celtics traded away their aging superstars to the Nets, most believed that Kris Humphries was just a player who was thrown into the mix because of the salary situation. It was analyzed numerous times by the media, fans and players, which all came to the conclusion that Humphries probably wouldn’t play a single second in a Celtics uniform. I personally believe that it’s safe to say that Humphries might have found a home for the time being, as the C’s plan to insert him into a large role this upcoming season. According to ESPN’S Jared Zwerling, “the Celtics envision key role for Humph, and have no plans to buy him out.” It might not be a bad idea to keep Humphries in the line-up, even if most fans would disagree. He is an average player, who could improve some under the coaching style of Brad Stevens. Last year was a dismal season for the center, as he only averaged 5.8 points, 5.6 rebounds, and a little under a block a game in just over eighteen minutes of action (which was a huge drop-off from the prior season, as he averaged 13.8 points, 11 rebounds, 1.2 blocks a game).  This season fans will need to keep an eye on the Humphries situation, if he starts performing at a high level expect him to stay, but if he is underperforming, don’t be surprised if the C’s front office doesn’t try to move him at the deadline.

Rondo is in trade rumors every year, which means that talented point guard is playing at a super-star level. In today’s NBA, it seems that if a player isn’t in some kind of trade rumor it’s because they are just average to a certain degree. Year in and year out Celtic fans have heard at least two of their superstar players are in trade rumors. Now the Celtics are down to one superstar, that being Rondo, and of course his name has been all over the place this summer. It has died down as of late, but it didn’t take very long for things to start stirring up again, as the Detroit Pistons are back at it trying to acquire Rondo…again! The Pistons just received Brandon Jennings, and sent him a pretty hefty deal, but many believe that it’s just another trade chip to reel in Rondo.  Speaking hypothetically, most would be just devastated if the C’s traded Rondo, but if the team gets back Jennings in return is it actually that bad? Jennings can shoot we know that for fact, we also know that Rondo can’t shoot. Jennings can make plays in the passing department as well, but we know that Rondo is the best playmaking point guard in the league. Both players have attitudes, which can be a great thing, while also being a terrible thing at the same time.  If Rondo comes back and starts performing at a high level, which many speculate that he will, don’t be surprised if he the rumors start heating up even more, and Detroit comes knocking with a trade centering around Jennings and Rondo.

Paul Pierce spilt the beans during his press conference for the Brooklyn Nets; Rondo probably won’t be back at the start of the season. Not only was watching Boston superstars be introduced in different colors painful, learning that Rondo probably won’t be starting the season was even more detrimental. Most fans were under the impression that the super-star point guard would be back at the start of the season, as he was way ahead of schedule concerning the ACL rehab.  If Rondo can’t suit up to the start season, we know that Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee absolutely can’t be the starting point-guard, so who will? It has been talked about that Delonte West could be heading back, the C’s are looking for a veteran point guard to fill the void, my question to all that is why?  We have been down the Delonte West road, and all that is on it is mental problems, and injuries. Why would the Celtics go out and try to fill the void with an older player? Didn’t we just send away Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to get younger, so why bring an old point-guard? The best option for the Celtics is letting Phil Pressey get his feet wet, he showcased his tremendous talent in summer league, and while the regular season is vastly different then summer league, who cares? The Celtics are bracing themselves for a potential down year, and they could surprise people for sure, but overall it probably won’t be one the better seasons in the Celtics history by any stretch of the imagination. What would it hurt to let Pressey try to lead this team? We know that he can get the ball to his teammates in scoring position, he has tremendous basketball I.Q, and he hustles every time he is on the court.  Stevens needs to give this guy a chance that he can be that excellent back-up point guard that so many teams lack.

Overall the Celtics should be fun to watch this year, and it should be a learning curve for all those included. It will also teach fans not to take things for granted because honestly most Celtic fans have been spoiled over the past six years. If some fans jump off the bandwagon that’s ok because there will be plenty of fans who won’t ever leave the Boston Celtics.