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Thursday, 01 August 2013 23:38

Boston Celtics: Who will be the leader of the pack now?

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This offseason for the Boston Celtics has been quite eventful, but it did leave many questions for the organization. Some of the biggest questions coming from the fans are these: 1. Who is the late game closer? 2. Who will bring the intensity on deffense? 3. Who will be able to get a much needed bucket? The list could surpass those few questions by a mile, but there is one question that hasn't been asked enough, who is the leader or captain of this team? 

For the past two season, veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have suggested that this was now Rondo's team, which is a fair thing to say for the most part. Many analyst question regarding Rondo is his mental side of the game, and whether or not he can lead a team without savy veterans like Pierce and KG. One thing that has never been questioned is his competitiveness because he is as competitive as they come. Whether it's a game of Connect Four, or game seven of the NBA Finals Rondo wants to win plain as day. Will Rondo step up and take control of this team in the near future? 

In game six against the Knicks in this years playoffs, many feel that the torch was finally passed from Pierce to none other than Jeff Green. Green is a player who just came off of major heart surgery, and for the most part performed very well. Doctors feel that Green still hasn't hit his full potential because as we all know, major heart surgery is a hard thing to recover from. After having a year of full playing time under his belt, Green should be even better this upcoming season. Fans got to see flashes of just what Green can do, especially in the home game against the Heat where he just exploded for 45 points (in a losing effort). Game six it was Green hitting big shots against the Knicks not Pierce, which was something Celtic fans weren't accustomed to seeing (not mention Avery Bradley was getting steal after steal as well). Some fans feel that Jeff Green can step into the role of becoming the overall leader of this team, which isn't that far fetched when you think about it. 

In all reality, there is only two players on this Celtics roster that is capable of becoming the floor general, those two players being Rondo and Green. Both have major upside, still very young, and wear their emotions on their sleeve. If these two can somehow come together and form an amazing, unbreakable bond then the Celtics have two leaders that they can depend on for a long time. Rondo and Green need to realize that with the departure of Pierce and Kevin Garnett, other players on the team will be looking up to them now. They need to embrace this role, and face facts that they are now the veteran leaders of this team now.