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Thursday, 25 July 2013 19:34

"Tanks" for nothing Celtics Bandwagoner/BIEBs Fan

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This column will be the last time I ever use the word “tank” in association with the Boston Celtics. I for one am sick and tired of hearing the “t” word used in regards to this storied and proud franchise.  Enough already! Or as one of my favorite movie characters “Lefty” would say “fuggetaboutit.”

I’ve noticed that the “t” word is predominately used by younger fans who think the shamrock came into existence during the fall of 2007. Being a Celtics fan is hard work.  I’ve been one for nearly 40 years and have felt as Jim McKay (young fans look him up) would say “the thrill of victory” and the “agony of defeat” countless times. I’ve experienced the latter many more times, and I'd do it all over again! Being a fan during good times is easy! Being a fan during rough times is damn hard.  The bandwagoners or BIEBS can’t hack it. They’re lazy.  BIEBS is hoping the Celtics tank this year, so Boston can get a high draft pick and be instantly transformed back to NBA elite status. The bandwagoner doesn’t do their homework, because if BIEBS did,  they’d realize “tanking” has never worked in NBA history. But the bandwagoner has no time for “book readin.’  A smile came to my face the other day when a caller to one of our CLNS radio programs said he had no time to watch the Pierce/Garnett Nets presser because he was watching “Smart Guy” on MTV instead. OH THE IRONY!  The band wagoner has NO respect for the process. I love the process. I love watching success develop. It takes patience. It takes love.  Ask Red Sox nation! If you only care about titles than you are going to spend a lot of time as a fan being miserable. Even during the Celtics 24-58 campaign in 2006-2007,  there were rays of light that poked through the dark clouds. Yes there was the 18 game losing streak, but you could see a young Rondo and Perk start to emerge. Their success was a harbinger of the great things to come in 2008.

We still don’t know what the 2013-14 roster will look like. Boston has too many guards and undesirable contracts that Danny Ainge would like to unload, but it’s going to be a hell of lot of fun watching the picture become clearer as the regular season approaches. No BIEBS, it’s not sexy.  And for the bandwagoner they could careless, for them it’s all about wearing NBA licensed gear and talking smack on Twitter and Facebook.   The 2013-2014 Celtics will more than likely not give the bandwagoner any bulletin board material so they can insult others.

If I’m coming off like I’m better than you BIEBS, you’re damn right! To quote another favorite movie character of mine “Colonel Jessup” I believe I’ve earned it. If you want to truly be a Celtics fan, then stay on board, strap in, and join the bumpy, unpredictable journey toward banner 18.  I promise you this squad is going to make you proud someday. I'm banking on Coach Stevens, Rondo, Jeff Green, Sully,  AB, and rookie Kelly Olynyk. I've pushed my chips into the middle of the table. You know why? History has shown them to be successful!

So BIEBS/bandwagoner I conclude with this, if the process of loving this team isn’t good enough for you than don’t let the green door hit you on the way out and take your “tank” with you.

Ty Ray

Ty is a frequent host of the CLNS Celtics Post Game Show and co-host of Celtics Town King Of The Court podcast featured on CLNS radio.  His 20 year career in both tv and radio has allowed him to cover some of the biggest events in sports. He cites the 2001 MLB All-Star game in Seattle as well as the 2001 Stanley Cup finals among his favorite experiences.  His dream interview would include dinner and conversation with Celtics legend Bill Russell.