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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 01:21

After 21 years, Larry Bird has still got it

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INDIANAPOLIS-- It has been 20 years since Larry Bird hung up his Celtic jersey. However, just because he hasn’t played in the NBA for a while doesn’t mean he has lost his magic. His latest basketball endeavor has left his players in awe. In an interview with Slam Online magazine, Indiana Pacers shooting guard Paul George (who has become a star in his own right) talked about a scenario in which Bird, now an executive with the Pacers decided to do some shooting in the gym.

He picked a ball up that had rolled over. He rolled up his sleeves and made about 15 in a row and just walked out like nothing just happened. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen.

When asked about how the rest of the team reacted, George said he, along with his teammates were surprised.

We were speechless. We didn’t know whether to keep shooting or just to end practice. It was sweet, man.

It appears that Larry Legend has still got it, and for Celtics fans, this should come as no surprise.