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Thursday, 23 May 2013 13:57

CLNS Radio Exclusive: Mickael Pietrus Wants To Return To Boston

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On Tuesday's edition of The Boston Sports Connection on CLNS Radio, host Sean Bakke had former Boston Celtics guard/forward Mickael Pietrus on the show to discuss his time in Boston and his plans for the off-season. Pietrus called in from France where he was on vacation with his family but mentally he is already preparing for next year. 

  Pietrus becomes an unrestriced free agent on July 1 after spending this past season with the Toronto Raptors. He signed a one-year deal with the Raptors on November 30, 2012. 

 Pietrus was limited to just 19 games, mostly with left knee tendinitis. He told Bakke that he was 100% healthy and anxious to help a team win a title next season. 

 For me right now, I'm injury free so I'm just trying to keep my mind on staying like I was playing in the playoffs to try to help my team next year...that's what I love is playing the game of basketball and  I think you know I could help anybody with their goal. 

 Pietrus finished his statement by expressing his love for Boston's fans and his wish to once again put on a Celtics uniform next season, which was a theme of the interview. 

 I haven't forgotten about the Celtics fans, I love them so much and I would love to be back next year with them and now I'm injury free, I'm 100% and I'm waiting to help the Celtics. 

 Pietrus went on to say that the city, the fans and the team are all one big family for one goal which is to win a championship. He talked about the challenge to want to beat the Celtics every night and how the fans enjoy the energy that he brings and how he represents the jersey and the history of the Celtics.

 When the conversation shifted to this year's playoffs, Bakke asked who he was rooting for and who he thought would be in the Finals:

Well, I see Spurs-Miami in the Finals, like everybody else. I feel like the Spurs haven't won in six years and they have a group who've been playing for almost six years together and Miami who is trying to bring the championship back to Miami so it's going to be a very interesting series. But both are going to be good, so hopefully I'll go with my French player on the Spurs team.

 Of course the French player on the Spurs team to which Pietrus is referring is Tony Parker, who has played for the French National Team and was raised in France.

 When Pietrus does become a free agent on July 1, he shared with Bakke whom he expects to come visit him:

The thing is, I expect Coach Rivers to come to pay on July 1 and have dinner with me.

 Bakke asked Pietrus if there were other teams that he would be interested in playing for, even the possibility of a return to Toronto, and Pietrus continued to show his love for Boston and his interest in returning to the Celtics:

As far as I know, once you play for the Celtics and you give your heart for the city and you always want to go back because I like the challenge and the fact that when you play teams want to beat you and I like that so hopefully if I go back Toronto I'm welcome but if I have to go back to the Celtics I'm welcome too. My main focus will be to go back to a contender and win a championship. 

Pietrus was also asked about the possibility of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce returning to the Celtics as well, with the veterans attempting one last run at a title:

 Hopefully KG and Paul Pierce are going to be back but they remind me a lot of how the Spurs play so you know I don't think they need to make a lot of changes, just bring a couple of guys back on the team and I think everything is going to be OK, because I think the Celtics have everything to win a championship back. But as you know Rondo got hurt for a year so it made it hard for them, but I think if you keep the team for the next two years you have a chance to win a championship.

 In closing the interview, Pietrus was given the opportunity to speak to Celtic Nation and asked if he had one thing to say to Celtics fans:

 They already know, I love them, I love them, and hopefully I'll be back in the green again and hopefully we're going to go back to where we came from, the championship.

 If you'd like to hear the Pietrus interview in its entirety, you can hear listen here:



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