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Thursday, 16 May 2013 13:57

Boston Celtics: Down But Not Out

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  With the NBA finals scheduled four weeks ahead, a lot of action can be seen in both the conferences about the teams that are going to make it to the final dance. Other than the hard-core sports enthusiasts who are following their favorite teams closely and are hoping for them to secure a spot in the finals, there are some people who are holding their eyes high to win some handsome money out of their favorite team’s success. There are certain people who follow this game a bit too closely so that they can make money through informed betting. They follow online sportsbook strategies and tips available at various websites like www.bosports.net, and look forward to earning a good income by following the mentioned betting lines. Sportsbook betting has become quite a common affair in the modern day NBA world and a lot of people are trying their luck at the odds through several online sports betting websites. The Boston Celtics may have made an early exit in the playoffs and look far from a contender at the moment, but they still have the potential of spelling out nightmares to the Eastern Conference next season. Despite the aging and injured stars, the Boston Celtics have proven to be a team that is capable of coming back from setbacks. Though the Miami Heat are generally considered as the best team in the east and are poised to make it to the finals, the Celtics remains a threat in this conference. The Big Two With Rondo finding his way out this season, the two older stars in the Celtics are still all heart and soul for the team. Paul Pierce, if he stays with the Celtics next season, together with Kevin Garnett are expected to always put their best efforts to get the team ahead. No doubt, the age factor may totally supersede the on-court abilities and will of these stars one day, but that day has not come yet. Garnett, who is on the verge of retirement, still displays an elite level of offensive efficiency and defensive presence, while Paul’s overall gameplay skills have been evident all through the season and can prove to be dangerous for the other contenders. Rise of Green Though Jeff Green had been considered a flop some time back after his heart surgery, the recurrent injuries of the teammates earned him more minutes on the court, thus giving him the chance to prove his skills. He has finally got back into his athleticism, with his skills surfacing out quite well. His recent games have been quite strong and he has helped in taking a lot of load off the shoulders of Paul Pierce. If Green continues to prove that his mercurial past is long gone now, the Celtics have a lot in store for other teams to be afraid of. Veteran Guidance The Boston Celtics may be on the aged side of the court but the veterans playing the game as actively as the youngsters, speaks of volumes in terms of desire and passion. The leadership of these veterans will prove to be quite beneficial for the Celtics somewhere down the line. Garnett and Pierce have been quite a vocal supporter of the young guys on the court and have encouraged them in playing comfortably with some increased roles and responsibilities in the team. Their leadership will be really beneficial for the young guns and will motivate them to do the most for the team in the next season. The Doc One thing that cannot be ignored while counting the strong points favoring the Celtics is their coach, Doc Rivers. By far, he has done an admirable job in holding the team together and making them play ball like champions. With Rondo taking an off due to ACL injury, Rivers has done a commendable job in implementing a new offensive scheme. Even the changes he made to cope up with the absence of Jared Sullinger proved to have been effective. His preaching fundamentals are the key to Celtics’ victory down the stretch. Garnett and Pierce may be the heart and soul of the team, but Rivers is the brain that keeps this organization competitively relevant in the NBA. With so much in their arsenal, the Boston Celtics are surely a big threat for the competing teams in the Eastern Conference. There is not much to stop them from doing well, with Doc Rivers by their side. The Celtics may be out for now, but do not count this team out yet. With the guidance of Rivers and the will of its biggest stars, the Boston Celtics are poised to improve and make a run for glory in the next season.

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