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Monday, 06 May 2013 12:28

NY Knicks: J.R. Smith learning a lot about being a leader, he may be too intoxicated to retain it

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New York Knicks fans definitely have an idea of the head-case that is J.R. Smith. They put up with it because, on most occasions, the Sixth Man of the Year Smith shows up for games. However, during the Knicks first round series against the Celtics and, after game one against the Indiana Pacers, the ugly Smith showed up. 


Maybe because the Sixth Man has become the Party-Man!

In photos and Tweets posted by Charged.fm, you can see the real J.R. Smith. The Smith that puts his own party agenda and motivation to be the socialite over the desire to win championships. The immaturity continues...

In games 1 and 2 of the Celtics - Knicks series, I was supremely impressed by the Knicks backup shooting guard. His shooting was remarkable. His defense acceptable. Even his decision-making seemed above what we've come to expect from J.R. Smith. Suddenly, an elbow was popped at Jason Terry and Smith was suspended.

Even after returning from suspension, his game and decision making seemed to stay off the court.

About 2 weeks ago, I was thinking of Smith in green some day. Now I will just stay away from that thought. The Knicks may have beaten Boston with the final series score but they certainly proved that they have a long way to go before being considered a true elite caliber team, deserving of opponents respect.

The Knicks dropped game 1, at home, versus the Indiana Pacers. Smith was allegedly off bar-hopping the night before and it seems he left his game with the bottle of booze in his hop from the night before.

This guys has got a long way to go.

H/T Charged FM

Nick Gelso

Nick Gelso is the Founding Partner and CEO of North Station Media, CLNS Radio. Gelso has been covering the NBA and Boston Celtics since 2008. He has locker room experience and is an accomplished NBA columnist and radio personality. Gelso has appeared on Boston radio, Las Vegas television, ESPNBoston, CBS Sports. He is co-host of CLNSRadio's flagship production, the Celtics Late Night Show and co-owner of CLNSRadio.


Additionally, Gelso is the co-host of Beats & Eats Podcast. Beats & Eats is an entertainment, foodie and pop-culture podcast network. Beats & Eats hosts podcasts from Hell's Kitchen Chefs' Barret Beyer & Anthony Rodriguez. Actors such as Lydia Cornell and Matt Fahey. Technology expert, and CLNS Columnist, Rich Conte. Hell's Kitchen Chef Dan Ryan hosts a reddit-based, pop-culture podcast. Chopped Chef, Rob Burmeister & Hell's Kitchen Chef, Clemenza host the culinary-comedy podcast, "Chewing the Fat with Big and Beefy."



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