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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 20:22

Celtics Video: Doc on Kevin Garnett's Injury and Jordan Crawford's First Celtics Start

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Doc Rivers discussed Kevin Garnett's inflamed ankle before his Celtics took on the Knicks Tuesday night on TNT. Garnett, who has struggled with injury since the All-Star break, will miss the next four to five games. "He just didn't improve much," Doc said. "You pretty much prepare for everything. Just like Woody is over there, they've had a lot of the same stuff. Just a lot of injuries right now for us and them."Rivers was not sure if Garnett would be around for Tuesday night's game, saying, "I leave it up to him. I leave it up to all of the guys."I never go into the locker room until it’s time. I try to give the players some space. He’s been around yesterday and today in the morning but I don’t know if he’s coming around."Garnett injured his ankle in New Orleans last Wednesday, but KG wasn't pulled until the Dallas game two nights later."We knew, but we didn’t think it was that bad," Doc said when asked whether the team was aware of the injury during the loss to the Mavericks. "I just didn’t like the way he was running so I took him out. You knew something but he just didn’t look right to me."Courtney Lee is also out with a sprained ankle, allowing Jordan Crawford his first start in a Celtics uniform. While Jason Terry has filled in for Lee, Doc said that Terry prefers to come off the bench."Jet really does not like to start," Doc said. He likes coming off the bench. I talked to Jet about it and you could just see it. He likes his role and especially when he knows Courtney will be back and other guys will be back and he just wants to stay in his own role."How often do you come across an NBA player who does not want to start? "It's rare. Most guys love hearing their name called with the flames roaring up. But I think he's pretty much over all that stuff at this point in his career and he thinks it's really better for the team."So in comes Crawford, a gunner that has flashed his heavy arsenal of offensive output with no remorse since he joined the Celtics. With that type of aggressiveness comes mixed results. "He's been good and bad," Doc said. "He's had some great games obviously and he's had some okay games as well. But what I like is he's just being aggressive."But Crawford's aggressiveness comes as no surprise for Rivers, who lost an important component to his bench and needed to fill that hole with a similar puzzle piece. "That's why we traded for him," Doc said. "When you lose Barbosa, he was pretty much good on nights and some nights bad, we looked at who could get to do the same things. Jordan is the perfect character for that role."We laugh, but he's on the 'all-scare team.' He scares me and [Knicks coach Mike] Woody, every night. He scares both coaches. But he's been, the one thing he does so much better than he's ever got credit for, maybe he did, but I don't know because I wasn't in Washington, but he's a far better passer. I mean, he sees things that only point guards can see. Sometimes he makes that pass, unfortunately no one else sees it. But he's a playmaker rather than just a scorer and I honestly didn't know that. So that's a surprise.With Crawford, there is a fine line to walk between cutting down on the errors and suppressing the energy and confidence that make him effective."Well, I don't wanna get in his way," Doc said. "We dont have time to change him or coach him to a point where he fits the exct role the way you want him to play. So what I've done, when you get a player this late in the year, is I tell them, 'Go play. I won't get in your way. If you're doing something to omuch I'll let you know.' I want him to go out and just play and be him and if there's something we don't like we'll just take him out. But I want him to play free."