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Sunday, 02 July 2017 04:30

Did Celtics Mess Up By Not Trading for Paul George?

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In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Dieter Kurtenbach about all of the happenings of free agency on Day One. First though, they chat about the Paul George trade (did the Celtics mess up? Is this a Pacers misevaluation?). Then, they chat about the big deals in free agency. What do they make of the Blake Griffin max? How is Jrue Holiday's deal going to play out? Is the J.J. Redick signing our favorite? What do they make of some of the lower level signings? Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. Follow Dieter over at @dkurtenbach on Twitter, and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Thanks for listening!

Matt Ignal

Matt Ignal is the staff writer for The Game Theory Podcast w/ Sam Vecenie and a Roundtable panelist on the Boston Celtics Newsfeed on CLNS Radio.  Subscribe to Celtics Newsfeed on iTunes and Stitcher.

Follow Matt on Twitter @mattignal