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Friday, 19 May 2017 23:56

Markelle Fultz The No Brainer #1 Pick

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Justin Poulin and Jon Duke can’t believe the Celtics actually won the Lottery.

Justin calls Markelle Fultz a no brainer pick for Boston. Will Fultz to Boston and Lonzo Ball to the Lakers help resurrect the rivalry?

Justin congratulates himself and Jon for predicting that Kelly Olynyk needed to step up in game 7 against the Wizards. This was the best game Olynyk has played in the NBA and likely earned him some money this summer as his restricted free agency approaches.

Jon says Marcus Smart was most responsible for the game 7 win. In the 3rd quarter, he hit shots, free throws and finally looked like himself again.  What about Jaylen Brown? His play was poised. You have to believe the Celtics think he can be special.

Justin says it’s hilarious that we are once again drafting a guard and we are completely ok with it. If the Celtics add Gordon Hayward, you’re probably going to have to lose Olynyk and perhaps Bradley. It means possibly losing some of the depth and bench that allowed Boston to get past Washington.  What can you get back for Bradley?

Justin and Jon give a quick preview of the Conference finals versus Cleveland. Can Boston give them any kind of run? Jon doesn’t think the Celtics will get swept with a game 1 loss. The guys both agree that a split of the first two games would be ideal, followed by a split on the road. This puts the series at game 5 in Boston with a best of 3 left and home court advantage.

Please listen below!


Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio