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Thursday, 11 May 2017 00:32

Can Jaylen Brown Help?

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Justin Poulin and Jon Duke return to review the Celtics Wizards series and have some questions. 

Why is Jae Crowder settling for outside shots when he isn’t hitting? How about a drive to the basket? Kelly Olynyk has been most effect this off-season when he’s attacking the rim. We need to see more of that, he can definitely be a factor.

When the shots aren’t falling, you need to make adjustments in game. Instead of shooting from deep and missing, you drive to the basket. As a bonus, you may also get Washington in foul trouble. All of these missed threes are leading to long rebounds and transition points for the Wizards.

In the half court, the Celtics are trying to figure out how to deal with the focus on Isaiah Thomas. You have to get guys out there that can make the Wizards pay.  In game 4, Crowder and Bradley weren’t making anyone pay and if they’re not making their shots, it’s a problem for the entire offense.

Should Jaylen Brown be starting? Justin thinks so.  If you play Jaylen Brown, that athleticism could help. He can hit the three, find gaps and make cuts to the basket that take advantage of Washington’s focus on Isaiah.  It also allows you to keep your bench intact.

The inconsistent officiating is discussed. There seems to be changes that happen not only with how fouls are called game to game, but also quarter to quarter. Why are the refs waiting until after the shot is made or missed to call a foul?

The NBA has always needed this series with Washington to carry the 2nd round of the playoffs. Is the NBA pushing for this series to be close?

Is it time for one of the Celtics to send out a forearm shiver towards John Wall as he heads to the basket? John Wall does not fear attacking the basket right now. Maybe Marcus Smart can do that. He hasn’t to this point put his imprint on the series.  Better yet, it should be someone from the bench who plays limited minutes so foul trouble isn’t an issue for one of your top players.

The Celtics still need to add a big piece to the ball club and that’s obvious, but they can still get out of this series. It’s just too bad the team has all of a sudden gotten banged up and it’s starting to affect the series.

To win this series, the Celtics starters need to hold serve with Washington’s starting team and the bench needs to push them ahead. Bradley, Crowder and Smart are the key. They need to knock down their shots. Otherwise, Isaiah won’t have room to do his thing.

This is a good one, please listen below:

Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio