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Friday, 28 April 2017 07:41

Is Gordon Hayward the missing piece?

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Justin Poulin starts the show by recalling his declaration the Celtics were toast after going down 0-2 to the Bulls.



The resurgence and eventual injury to Rajon Rondo has been a main headline in this series. Will the Bulls bring Rondo back next season?

Gerald Green’s insertion into the lineup is discussed. Green was an interesting veteran addition to the team that came at the expense of players such as second year player RJ Hunter.

It’s paying dividends. Of course it’s helped that Gerald Green was ready to play when called upon.

Jon Duke imagines Gerald Green’s spot in the lineup replaced by Gordon Hayward in the offseason. This would mean placing Crowder at the 4 and Horford at the 5. The Gerald Green move may have been a desperate one, but perhaps it will serve as a template for a star small forward fits forms an optimal lineup.

Which direction are the Bulls headed? With the Bulls postseason run, Justin can see Chicago bringing the team back as is. Jon doesn’t understand why so many teams are rudderless. Are all teams trying to win a title or perhaps just selling tickets?

Is there a place for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in the Celtics organization? KG already formed a connection with the current iteration of the Celtics. He could have an extremely positive influence on this young group that still lacks poise at time.

After briefly discussing the horrible officiating in the series, Justin and Jon look at the playoff picture in the Western Conference. The Clippers Jazz series involves two free agents that are often talked about as potential Celtics.

Blake Griffin has once again gone down in the playoffs and that makes him a scary player to sign and bank your future on. Would Griffin even be a good fit next to Horford? It would keep Jae Crowder at the 3 with Griffin playing the 4.

Jon calls Gordon Hayward “the missing piece”.  

How many big men are the Celtics going to lose this summer? Amir Johnson, Tyler Zeller, Jonas Jerebko and probably Kelly Olynyk could all be gone. “The Celtics have big man problems next year” says Justin.

He goes on to say that Al Horford is a 5, to which Jon responds that you have to be more flexible than that. You need to be able to place someone next to Horford with size on occasion and it can’t be a rookie like Zizic.

Justin says Hayward is the answer, he is the domino. This core is gonna change says Jon. They need big men that can defend and fight.

Please listen below:


Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio