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Friday, 21 April 2017 07:23

Should Jerebko Get More Minutes?

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Justin Poulin and Jon Duke are back to discuss what ails the Boston Celtics.

Justin believes Al Horford should be initiating the offense when Isaiah Thomas is out of the game. Does that mean Marcus Smart is not the answer? Did Smart’s playmaking abilities regress? Has Smart been hurt by Kelly Olynyk’s shooting slump down the stretch?

Jon thinks Jonas Jerebko might be a better fit for the Bulls series than Olynyk. The team needs rebounds and Jerebko is much stronger at crashing the boards. He also thinks Smart needs shooters around him to give him space and help compensate for his own lack of shooting.

What happened to this team’s shooting? Early in the year, the team was an offensive powerhouse, but stopped playing defense. Unfortunately, the team was never able to find a balance from both sides of the ball.

Jon Duke goes on a rant about the Celtics rebounding in game 1. A lot of the Bulls’ rebounds came from their guards. There is way too much ball watching going on by the Celtics. The lineup is small across the board says Justin, starting with two small guards forming your starting back court.

Justin brings up Al Horford and points out some of the shooting difficulties he’s had but also notes that Isaiah’s emergence is due to Horford and everything he does for the team.

Rajon Rondo’s play and the Bulls experience is addressed.

Jon Duke says if the Celtics aren’t gonna rebound or hit shots, it’s time to go home.

Is Doc Rivers facing his mortality as coach and President of the Clippers? Doc snapping against sports writer and Cap specialist Eric Pincus is discussed. “The Clippers don’t have the right pieces” says Jon Duke.

The guys do deeeeeep dive into the Kristap Porzingis situation in New York and ponder what it would take to get him from the Knicks. Would it take both Brooklyn picks? Would Phil Jackson be willing to part from him? How would it affect the Celtics cap? Would Carmelo Anthony and his salary have to come over as part of the deal?

Lots of questions, answer and opinions! Listen below:

Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio