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Sunday, 16 April 2017 10:07

Avery Bradley Needs to Step up in The Playoffs

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Who’s the second scorer behind Isaiah Thomas?

As Justin Poulin and Jon Duke preview the playoffs, they wonder, what happens when Isaiah is focused on in the playoffs. Who steps up? The Celtics have been missing a lot of open shots. Who is the most likely candidate to maximize Al Horford’s talents and pick up the scoring load from Isaiah?

Jon Duke feels that both Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown have not played the same since Avery Bradley’s return. As a result, Bradley is the player that needs to consistently be the guy to stabilize the Celtics offense in the playoffs. Justin Poulin says Kelly Olynyk is the preferred player to be the guy because he can invert the offense. Marcus Smart is the sleeper pick with the alpha mentality to do it if he can get his shot going.

Was the Celtics greatest run this season when Jaylen Brown was starting? Both Justin and Jon think it largely has to do with Brown’s size and athleticism.

The lottery is approaching and the Celtics have a top 4 pick. Luckily, for Boston, it appears this is a deep draft at the top and wherever they fall will be fine. The difference likely comes if Boston wishes to trade the pick. Both Justin and Jon think Markelle Fultz is the best player in the draft and the Celtics would take him at one.

How will the rebounding problem get solved? Are Zizic and Yabusele the answer there? Will they be worked in slowly? With Olynyk and Amir Johnson possibly gone next season, they could be possible answers. Will Blake Griffin come over instead of Gordon Hayward? Anything’s possible.

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Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio