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Sunday, 26 March 2017 09:26

Celtics Take #2 Seed

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Justin Poulin and Jon Duke reviewed the big win against the Washington Wizards Monday night, cementing the team as the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Why doesn’t Smart have the ball in his hands more? Is it because they want the reps for Terry Rozier?

Jon Duke believes there’s a very short shelf life for this edition of the Boston Celtics, with Avery Bradley the likely candidate to move. With the way the Celtics play without Isaiah Thomas, it becomes obvious that he is a player they need to keep. Kelly Olynyk is discussed. Is he on the outs?

What’s the counter to pace and space? Jon Duke says its bully ball from Marcus Smart in the post. “Brad is trying to invert the game”. Justin says Smart is being underutilized in the post and believes this is the case because of lack of ball distributers on the team.

Kelly Olynyk should be in a two man game with Smart, with Olynyk inverting the offense, feeding Smart in the post.

In the playoffs, the second unit will need to limit scoring droughts. However as Justin points out, part of the problem is that they never rotate the same players as they do in the post season.

Perhaps in these final games, Stevens can mimick a playoff lineup for three quarters of the game and bring in the non playoff rotation players to play the remaining minutes to stay sharp.

How far can the C’s go? Justin doesn’t think they could take the Cavs and would be happy with a good Eastern conference appearance, but won’t put a cap on the Celtics limits. Al Horford vs Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving against Avery Bradley. There could be some good matchups on Boston’s end.

Justin and Jon give their takes on Ray Allen’s exclusion from the Celtics “almost” 10 year reunion. Doc Rivers leaving Boston after claiming “I am a Celtic” is discussed. “Doc Rivers left ownership and Danny Ainge high and dry in 2013” placing him on the same level as Ray Allen as far as Jon Duke is concerned.

Please listen below!


Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio