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Saturday, 04 March 2017 22:50

Justin Poulin thinks Gordon Hayward is coming to Boston

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Justin and Jon recapped the trade deadline.

Both feel the Jimmy Butler and Paul George conversations will be revisited in the offseason. Justin feels the cost of those players will come down since the pick order will have been determined and the players will have less time left on their contracts, when accounting for this playoff season. Jon feels a player like George can be sold ala Kevin Garnett and Kevin Durant, however is surprised that the Bulls and Pacers are relenting given that they are unlikely to receive more value than Boston has offered.

Justin calls Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown “his” untouchables. It appears however that Ainge does not want to give up Bradley and Crowder based on rumors. Justin also feels James Young should be getting minutes at the expense of Jaylen Brown.

Why didn’t the Celtics go after someone like PJ Tucker? It appeared that minimal assets would have been necessary to acquire him. Jon argues that carving out Tucker’s playing time would be an issue. Justin references a Steve Bulpett interview that seemed to imply that the Celtics may not have been given an opportunity to bid on Tucker.

The Jared Sullinger question is asked. Would you bring Sully back?

The Celtics must have a great deal of confidence in recruiting Gordon Hayward given that Danny Ainge is so adamant about maintaining cap space. Blake Griffin is still a possibility, but one that comes with injury concerns. Hayward duplicates some of the Celtics wings, however as pointed out, this is a wing league today.

Justin just about proclaims that Gordon Hayward is coming to Boston this summer. If this the Cs were to get him, then Paul George fits better than Jimmy Butler.

Justin and Jon do NOT want Lonzo Ball.

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Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio