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Friday, 24 February 2017 10:39

Danny Ainge makes the right choice, not the popular one

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Justin Poulin and Jon Duke returned this week to discuss the NBA trade deadline.

Justin believes the draft and summer are more appropriate times for the Celtics to make a move. Jon notes rather than the trade deadline, the summer offers the opportunity to acquire multiple pieces if cap space is preserved.

Boston could possibly sign a max free agent, keep all of their assets and draft a top 4 player in the draft. This is the ideal offseason scenario.

The All Star game was discussed with very differing opinions on the NBA annual event. Did DeMarcus Cousins sabotage Vlade Divac’s ability to trade him for market price? Mike Gorman certainly didn’t endorse him coming to Boston despite his immense talent and media speculation.

Justin praised the talent, progress and work ethic of 19 year old Jalen Brown. Jon recalled his unhappiness with the pick on draft day and admitted how wrong he was.

“The Celtics made the right choice and it was not the popular one.” Justin predicts this could be the case if Danny Ainge holds tight at the trade deadline.

Various trade scenarios are bandied about before Justin addresses a twitter war stating Boogie Cousins is on par with Kevin Garnett as a player.

Jon Duke goes on a rant defending Danny Ainge’s decision to pass on Cousins. Besides maturity issues, there is question as to how he would fit next to Horford in this era of small ball.

Please listen below:

Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio