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Saturday, 21 January 2017 01:02

Is Bradley the guard you trade?

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Patrick Gilroy of ESPN New Hampshire and WEEI filled in for Jon Duke this week. 

Justin and Patrick started the show by reminiscing on the early days of Celtics podcasting.

Topics included the Toronto Raptors as the Boston’s likely target in the playoffs and their ability to compete with them when healthy. The Celtics win in Atlanta was discussed as a signature victory.

Regarding the Celtics diminutive point guard, Patrick had this to say: “The fact he’s probably going to be a top 5 candidate (for MVP), tell you just how far this guy has come… This is somebody you can truly have in your top 3, you can sort of build your team around Isaiah Thomas.”  

Patrick notes that Isaiah is continuing to get better and is a much more complete offensive player than last season. He believes Isaiah’s bad defense would be much less of an issue if the Celtics had a rim protector on the front line.

Al Horford’s playmaking and floor spacing was highlighted as a positive this season. Patrick believes Al Horford is the primary reason for the Celtics dramatically increased shooting behind the arc.

Justin states that Kelly Olynyk continues to be the whipping boy for Celtics Nation. Confidence seems to be a primary factor when Olynyk plays well. When Kelly starts the game well, he tends to continue to play well. Slow starts however seem to get Kelly thinking too much and he loses his aggression on the court on both sides of the floor. It’s the aloofness in Kelly’s game that fans tend to get on him about.

Patrick states “The advanced metrics tell everybody that despite what you may see with your eyes, Kelly is a highly underrated defensive player and boxes out well.”  Justin agrees but retorts that Kelly’s progress seems to continuously get bumped by injuries.

The Celtics back court was discussed, specifically with regards to the possibility of a trade.  Marcus Smart’s playmaking may be the answer to opponent’s ability to bottle up Isaiah Thomas in the playoffs. Also, Smart give the Celtics more size in the backcourt next to Isaiah.

With the top of this year’s draft heavy at the point guard position, the Celtics will need to either open up a guard spot or trade the pick. Justin proposes who the Celtics should package with Avery Bradley in a trade for a superstar.

Listen below!


Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio