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Friday, 13 January 2017 06:45

Should Olynyk get some of Horford's minutes?

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Celtics Stuff Live looked around the NBA, discussing the Kyle Korver trade to Cleveland.

The Brooklyn Nets’ pick is in great position right now and the possibility the Celtics draft a guard at the top of the lottery looms.

Justin Poulin brought up Coach Nick’s appearance on Celtics Beat. The coach claims stats show that Al Horford has lost some defensive ability and should have his minutes reduced. The possibility of increasing Kelly Olynyk’s role is brought up.

Olynyk seems to be a player many Celtics fans would like to see go, but Justin believes he is playing more aggressive than ever in his career. He is becoming a more effective position rebounder and is already a good team defender.

Jon Duke points out that almost half of Olynyk’s shots are behind the arc, which is what Boston wants from him. He is making strides despite occasionally pump faking when he should shoot. Olynyk’s play is still inconsistent, but he seems to be headed in the right direction.

The Celtics have made more three point shots than Golden State this season, a number Justin can’t believe is true when considering last year’s shooting woes. Jon points out however the across the board increase in long range shooting from several players on the team as the reason for the change this season.

Jon is really impressed with Marcus Smart’s game thus far, believing his improved shot is opening up passing lanes. Justin notes Smart’s ability to post up smaller guards as an asset and something he would like to see more of. Smart’s game is vision and strength, making him a mismatch for players at the guard position. Playing Isaiah off ball and Smart at point, gives the team more flexibility.

Justin says that with Gerald Green cleaning up his defense and getting minutes at the 3, Smart is able to play more minutes at guard. Smart can show flashes of becoming a star by increasing the frequency of his big games, such as his performance versus the Pelicans.

The status of Jimmy Butler is discussed. What are the Bulls doing? Are they content with living in the middle of the league? It seems like many teams are content do just that, with no apparent plan.

As always, this is an outstanding conversation between Justin Poulin and Jon Duke. Please listen to the full interview below!


Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio