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Sunday, 27 November 2016 05:09

Are the Boston Celtics the Worst Second Quarter Team in the NBA?

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The second unit of the Boston Celtics has thus far been a tremendous disappointment.  How much is it hurting them?

When Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens goes to the bench at the beginning of the second quarter, the results haven’t been pretty. In fact, as evidenced back in Boston’s win Wednesday against the Brooklyn Nets, Stevens played Isaiah Thomas alongside four other reserves.

“I think you’re done seeing the Celtics roll with five man reserve units,” said Keith Smith of realGM on Sunday’s edition of Celtics Beat.

During the first sixth of the season, Stevens has tried anything and everything to see what works with a reserve unit. The results have been disastrous. When the starters exit the game, the ball stops moving and going into the basket on the offensive end and a lot of times, is going in the basket on the other end.

Not good.

And when the key starters like Al Horford, Thomas and Avery Bradley return to the floor, they do with Boston’s opposition having all the momentum. The Celts have been getting downright killed in second quarters.

-2.6 PointDIFF (28th)

23.2 points/2ndQTR (27th)

95.2 points/100 POSS (25th)

-8.8 NetRtg (25th)

24th in PACE

47.9 eFG% (22nd)

15.9 Turnover Ratio (22nd)

45.5 REB% (Last)

On this week’s edition of Celtics Beat, we discuss how Boston can fix this issue. Be it internally or through an acquisition...or two.

Larry H. Russell

Larry H. Russell is the Executive Producer of CLNS Radio.  Most noted as the Voice of Celtics Beat and Celtics Pre-Game, LHR has served many roles within CLNS since joining the network in 2011. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed Fall of the Boston Celtics: How Bad Luck, Bad Decisions Brought the Mighty Celtics Empire to Its Knees and Ushered in the Dark Ages which was released in 2014 as well as the director of the film Paul Pierce: The Best Pure Scorer in Celtics History.

LHR is a graduate of Emerson College and currently resides in Brookline.  He can be reached by e-mail at LHRussell@clnsradio.com or on Twitter @CLNS_LHR