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Tuesday, 05 January 2016 02:49

Jae Crowder flexes Boston Celtics past Brooklyn Nets run for 103-94 win

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The Celtics dominated early after a lineup shake up, but had to survive a late Nets run to hold on to the 103-94 win.

BOSTON – It’s getting increasingly difficult to remember a time where the Celtics could hold together a big lead. Despite holding the Nets off with a 15-point cushion for most of the first three quarters, the Nets roared back in the fourth.

Stevens was able to straighten things out in the closing minutes with Jae Crowder taking over the game, but the team still looks to get too comfortable after good starts to games against mediocre teams.

The first half was a lopsided affair, with Jae Crowder scoring 14 points in the first quarter and Jared Sullinger looking sharp after dealing with pregame questions about his cold streak. The Celtics dominated the first half with a +30.3 net rating while doubling the Nets’ scoring production in the paint.

But the Nets ended up outscoring the Celtics in the paint in the second half. They got to the free throw line 22 times compared to the Celtics’ 9.

- Evan Turner had his first double-double of the season and looked at home as the starting two guard.

- Marcus Smart may still be getting his game back after missing 18 games, but his pit bull aggressiveness is alive and well.

His Julius Erving-esque scooping reverse with a minute left put the icing on the cake. It even made Jared Sullinger run off on the plug twice.

- Evan Turner was good on the court, but his vintage Coogi sweater took over off the court post game.

Jared Weiss

Jared Weiss is the Celtics Locker Room Reporter and Host of The Garden Report: Celtics Post Game Show on Celtics Blog and CLNS Radio. J Weiss hosts The Block Party on Thursday nights at 8 PM and enjoys long walks on the beach while watching Rajon Rondo game footage. You can reach J Weiss at JWeiss@clnsradio.com and @CLNS_JaredWeiss.