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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 23:01

Rury tastes humble pie - Tonight on Careless Whispers 9 PM EST

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That's right - after multiple playoff predicitons gone wrong, Matt Rury gets to explain what the hell he was thinking.

The Boston Celtics are golfing and the Cleveland Cavaliers are on to the Eastern Conference semi-finals.  The CLNS Radio Postgame Show may be over but that doesn't mean Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain will stop flapping their gums!

Rury gets a chance to redeem, or at least explain his horrible picks in the Playoff Preview last week.  Calvin gets a chance to laugh at him and talk about whatever else he wants.

Kevin Love is the popular topic this week and you can call the guys at 347-215-7771.

Follow Rury on Twitter @TeamGreenTruth and the show on Facebook here.

Matt Rury

Matt Rury is the brains behind the CLNS Radio Celtics Postgame Show.