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Saturday, 23 August 2014 13:56

Rich Gotham: "They [Wyc Grousbeck, and Stephen Pagliuca] don’t run this to put money in their pocket, they run it to win championships. They look at it as a public trust.”

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This week on the Celtics Beat Podcast, Rich Conte and Larry H. Russell were joined by the Boston Celtics Team President Rich Gotham to discuss the Celtics present, and future.

The Celtics are in a state of rebuilding, and are used to that feeling during the 90’s, but since the ownership change in 2003, the Celtics have missed the playoffs only three times. “Hopefully we’ve proven and shown, since 2003, that we’re committed to raising banners. From the top down, those guys are fully committed. They don’t run this to put money in their pocket, they run it to win championships. They look at it as a public trust.”

Around the league some have said this will be an extended rebuild, Rich doesn’t seem to think so. “We’re on a faster track right now. We have seven first round picks that are under 25 years old right now. We have got young veterans who are good players like Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo.”

The Celtics not only have young assets but they have future assets. “We’ve got cap space coming up this offseason and we’ve also got as many as nine first round draft picks in the next four years. We’ve got all the pieces to make a transformative move, or progress along the curve.”

With all the assets the Celtics have their have an immense amount of flexibility. “With all that we want to do what the Oklahoma City Thunder have done or the San Antonio Spurs and have a sustained run of success in front of you.”

The Boston Celtics have made subtle changes during the summer, with some of those changes being made at the Garden. “There’s a lot going on this offseason. The fans can expect to come in on level four, a whole new concourse. Just taking a building that was built 20 years ago and redoing it. It will be a far more high end experience. It will be ready for the start of the season.”

Celtics fans were very loyal last year, going through the struggle of a bad season. “People are loyal to the front of the name not the name on the back. They understood the things that were necessary to hang that banner number 18.”

“The Celtics are such a tradition bound brand. It’s a luxury to have a brand like that. But you need to keep it fresh. We can’t trade on the 2008 Championship. We have to keep moving forward, make sure we keep our brand fresh. The Shamrock is iconic, Lucky the Leprechaun is iconic. It’s not to replace any of those.” The Celtics fan base is one of the largest in the NBA, and all over the world. They are one of the brands that extends beyond the borders of the United States.

To hear the entire interview with Boston Celtics Team President Rich Gotham tune into the Boston Celtics Beat Podcast with Rich Conte, and Larry H. Russell.

Edward Santiago

Edward Santiago is the lead NBA Columnist and member of the CLNS Radio Boston Celtics beat team.  He is also the producer and host of an U92 NBA FastBreak, a podcast which specializes in NBA coverage.

Currently an undergrad student at West Virginia University, Edward serves on the sports staff of the school's college radio station.  He has provided play-by-play announcing and color commentary for various varsity sports at WVU.

He is also the beat reporter for the WVU Women's and Men's basketball team.

Edward is currently pursuing his degree in Broadcast Journalism at the West Virginia University Reed School of Media

Find his podcast on iTunes search: U92 NBA FastBreak

Follow him on Twitter: @eddistotle

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