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Wednesday, 20 August 2014 12:44

Don't You Forget About Rondo

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Did you forget how good Rajon Rondo is? You better not, and here's why.

For all the excitement about Derrick Rose and his triumphant return to the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics fans have just as much reason to be excited about Rajon Rondo this season. Do you think Rondo isn’t paying attention to all the interest Rose is receiving and using that as motivation to solidify his standing as an NBA superstar? Several critics question Rondo’s ability to lead a young, developing team. Say what you like about his leadership skill but his ability to steer the Celtics on the court is unquestionable. There is a reason why Rondo reportedly demanded a $100 million contract extension similar to the five-year, $94.8 million extension Rose signed in 2011- Rondo knows he is at an elite level too and is ready to prove it. Rondo missed 52 games last season and was on a strict minutes cap while sitting out back-to-backs on his return. Even during his injury-riddled 2013-14 season under new coach, Brad Stevens, Rondo still dished out 9.8 assists per game for an inexperienced team. It’s been a year since Rondo recovered from an ACL injury and after a full pre-season of training and adjusting to the new system, he will be firing on all cylinders come opening night. The Celtics who only won 25 games last season will be a much-improved team under second-year coach, Stevens, as well as Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk who showed great signs at the back end of his rookie season. There’s every chance the Celtics could make the playoffs – however, it is a large task to ask of a young team over an 82-game season. But if anyone can push the Celtics to an unlikely playoffs berth it is Rondo. Because after all, Rondo loves nothing more than to prove himself to all the doubters on the big stage.