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Friday, 15 August 2014 16:01

Steve Kyler: Boston Celtics Could Package Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green In Possible Trade Sooner Rather Than Later

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Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green on the move?

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has always been willing to shake things up with his roster for the better of the franchise, but this offseason has been nothing but pindrops. 

For now...

Could the Celtics take a glance of a blockbuster package around Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green? Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders believes there is a likelihood of a trade coming regarding the Celtics in his latest NBA A.M. free agent breakdown. 

The Celtics have had trade talks regarding Jeff Green for almost two years. With the Celtics poised to have what looks to be a sub-par season there is a strong chance that Green is packed into any trade involving the aforementioned Rondo. Green has the option to hit free agency. Assuming he plays well this season, the odds are good that he'll opt-out and re-sign in a situation of his choosing and trade his remaining $9.2 million in for a longer term deal. 

Boston's desire to trade will increase in the season as Rondo's and Green's value could increase. But, there is always the threat of an injury, especially with Rondo, or a relapse in improvement and progression with Green's game.  A smart move for Ainge would be to trade Rondo and Green before the 2014-15 campaign. Rondo, who is among the elite point guards in the game, could be on the cusp to another enormous season. When he is healthy, the Celtics and their opponents know he's a walking triple-double.

Green, yet displays signs of inconsistency, does bring a lot to the game and can potentially be a third-tier kind of player in an organization on the rise, say the Phoenix Suns or the Denver Nuggets.

Mark Loiselle Jr.

Mark Loiselle Jr. is a Celtics beat writer for CLNS Radio. He currently has a radio show called "The Sports Blast" on ESPN Radio in Nashua, New Hampshire, and writes for The Phinsider. In the past, his work has been published on NESN.com, Phinphanatic.com and Atlantic Twine. 

Mark is a Warwick, Rhode Island native who recently graduated from Springfield College with a degree in communications/sports journalism. You can follow Mark on Twitter @mahkeyL34