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Sunday, 03 August 2014 09:49

What lies ahead for Kevin Garnett?

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As Kevin Garnett's illustrious career comes to a close, could Garnett find himself in the front office of the NBA?

Kevin Garnett’s long and memorable playing career that included his only NBA Championship with the Celtics in 2008 and his MVP-season in 2004 while he was with the Minnesota Timberwolves is regretfully coming to an end.

Before taking a moment to consider whether it’s really possible that Garnett calls an end to his illustrious career, is it even plausible that Garnett will simply walk away from basketball?

In fact, what is next for the certain Hall-of-Famer?

Speaking to Celtics Beat last week, according to Ian Eagle - voiceof the Brooklyn Nets on the YES Network- Garnett isn’t capable of walking off into the sunset to never be seen again.(Listen to the full podcast herehttp://clnsradio.com/boston-celtics-news/item/10134-celtics-beat-w-ian-eagle-jeff-goodman-7-26-14 )

KG was drafted in 1995 as a scrawny 7-foot 18-year old out of high school by the Minnesota Timberwolves and went on to play 19 seasons (more than half of his life) in the NBA so it’s hardly surprising that he lives and breathes basketball-in fact, it’s all he knows.

He’s always been very vocal on his appreciation for the game and how it got him to where he is as a player and even more so, as a man. Apart from his intense nature, Garnett is renown for his selflessness and commitment to his teammates and coaching staff supporting him.

That is why the Brooklyn Nets made an effort to acquire him by trade and why he will be a part of the organisation for a long time.

The Nets are entering their third season since relocating from New Jersey and are still forming an identity that resonates with Brooklyn that is known for its toughness and famous for its industrious nature.

After a first-round loss in the playoffs in 2012 against the Chicago Bulls, the Nets were criticised for lacking toughness and leadership, which is why they traded for Garnett and Paul Pierce.

“The Nets knew what they were getting themselves into when they made this trade,” Eagle said. “The Nets wanted the leadership, they wanted the presence that he (Garnett) brought to the team. And the fact that he is a high profile guy, that was a plus in Brooklyn.”

But could KG take a step back off the court and “settle” for a coaching role?

Eagle said: “My feeling is not from a coaching standpoint, that would shock me. He takes every possession so seriously. It would drive him nuts but I do think he’s got a bigger picture in mind whether it’s the brand or global aspect.”

Garnett isn’t foreign to the business side of sport. In December 2011, he became a limited shareholder in Italian Serie-A football club, A.S. Roma.

Garnett is an enigma-there’s more chance of reading while under water than what Garnett is thinking. But while it is hard to see Garnett accept standing idly by the sideline, it is even harder to fathom that Garnett could refrain himself from the game he loves.

Those who do not think he could accept a role in the office fail to understand Garnett and what basketball truly means to him.

For Garnett, basketball was an intimate experience that he generously shared with those around him. Famously, Garnett chastised those who took the game for granted. But Garnett embraced those who appreciated the game and forever remains loyal to those he can trust.

For Garnett, his passion for basketball is too hard to simply walk away from. It’s that sort of passion that may see him endeared with the city of Brooklyn and associated with the Nets for a long time.