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Monday, 28 July 2014 13:53

The Baseline: The L Word | Battlefield L.A. | Parsons-Harden Beef?|F.A.T. Report

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Cal Lee and Warren Shaw discussing the hot button topics of the NBA. This Week:

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Battlefield Los Angeles: Doc Rivers and Chris Paul make assertions to boycott playing next season for the Clippers if Donald Sterling is the owner. How serious a threat should the NBA consider taking this?

Wiggins on Hold: Cavs sign their #1 Draft Pick and because of this deal, any attempts to try and trade him to Minnesota must wait 30 days. Could this play against the Cavs in their attempts to get Kevin Love?

The L Word: Speaking of Kevin Love, as he continues to lobby for Cleveland, Minnesota is still fielding offers and the number of teams with interest to Love have increased since. While reports say Cavs offer the most attractive deal to Minne, is it the best deal for the Timberwolves?

Great Scott Lakers Found a Coach: Byron Scott has been offered the Lakers Head Coaching Gig. Is this what the Lakers evisioned. Is he their long term or short term solution? Can we imagine this was how Kobe Bryant would finish his career with the state of the Lakers. We probe into the hire and potential impact 

We breakdown a bevy of transaction in our coveted F.A.T Report especially the Celtics signing clandestant swingman Evan Turner to a multi-year deal. We also take a look at the Mavs who loudly reloading through Free Agency to become a legitimate threat in the West 

In our segment of The Drop, seems like their is some legitimate beef between James Harden, and former teammate Chandler Parsons. We breakdown the magnitude of the beef and how this can heighten what can become an intense rivalry in the Lone Star State.

We also discuss Team USA Basketball, some notable names not participating, and everyone's attention on one man's intention to participate. All this and a ton of topics to discuss in this week's episode of The Baseline.