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Saturday, 26 July 2014 14:12

Jeff Goodman: "When you talk about Marcus Smart you always hear he’s just a winner, and intangible guy."

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Jeff Goodman jumps on Celtics Beat to talk about the NBA, and the Celtics future past this season


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Rajon Rondo is polarizing player. You can either believe he’s one of the best point guards in the league, in the case of DeMarcus Cousins the best point guard, or you put him in the third tier of point guards. Jeff Goodman, basketball insider for ESPN, believes the latter and joined Larry H. Russell on Celtics Beat to talk Rondo and the Celtics future.

Goodman said “I love Rondo’s ability. I think that’s part of the reason I get frustrated by him. You see guys like DeMarcus Cousins that say he’s the best point guard in the league, and it’s laughable. He’s got great skills, and I feel like he’s not a leader. He’s the furthest thing from a leader.”

There are some players that have said they don’t want to play with Rondo, and then there are others like Carmelo Anthony, and Kobe Bryant that love Rondo.

“You look at the fact that he didn’t get along with Doc Rivers, and that’s a hit because Doc is one of the guys who is the best with people. Then you look back to Kentucky when he didn’t get along with Tubby Smith, one of the highest character guys in the game,” Goodman said. That can be an issue because players will feel that he’s too hard to play with, and hard to get along with.

“You put three Hall of Famers around him, and he’s terrific. He’s perfect in that role where he doesn’t have to lead a team.”

Is it time to trade Rondo? Goodman thinks it’s time to look at it “I would think Danny Ainge is gonna try like heck to move him, this year before he becomes a free agent.”

Marcus Smart is someone Jeff Goodman loves. “He does a lot of the things Rondo doesn’t. He’s got all the intangibles. Marcus Smart is a guy I think can take people with him. He’s a leader. He’s just so tough, all he cares about is winning. Marcus Smart has gotten so much better in his floor game. Marcus Smart I think will continue to get better because I think he’ll work at it.”

Marcus Smart may never get to an All-Star level, but Goodman still thinks he can get somewhere close to it “I’m not sure he can ever crack that top group, but he can definitely get into that next tier. Will he ever be a pure point guard? No. He doesn’t have that vision Rondo has. Rondo sees things players don’t”


To hear the entire interview with Jeff Goodman of ESPN tune into the Celtics Beat Podcast this week with Larry H. Russell. 

Edward Santiago

Edward Santiago is the lead NBA Columnist and member of the CLNS Radio Boston Celtics beat team.  He is also the producer and host of an U92 NBA FastBreak, a podcast which specializes in NBA coverage.

Currently an undergrad student at West Virginia University, Edward serves on the sports staff of the school's college radio station.  He has provided play-by-play announcing and color commentary for various varsity sports at WVU.

He is also the beat reporter for the WVU Women's and Men's basketball team.

Edward is currently pursuing his degree in Broadcast Journalism at the West Virginia University Reed School of Media

Find his podcast on iTunes search: U92 NBA FastBreak

Follow him on Twitter: @eddistotle

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