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Thursday, 24 July 2014 14:21

Celtics continue search for big piece

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After signing Evan Turner, the Celtics re-focus their sights on the next big piece.

AFTER reportedly signing the Evan Turner, the Boston Celtics’ search for the next big piece continues but their choices are limited. 

It’s well documented that the Celtics are in desperate need of a big man to fill the centre position.

With their chances of acquiring Kevin Love as slim-and-none, the Celtics have slim pickings in terms of remaining free agent centres.

Here are the best leftovers for the Celtics to choose from-

1.     Greg Monroe, PF/C, Detroit Pistons: Monroe would add athleticism as well as size to the Celtics. Although he’s more of a power forward than a true centre, the Celtics could do a lot worse than trying to acquire the restricted free agent.

2.     Emeka Okafor, C, Phoenix Suns: Although Okafor would certainly fill the centre position, it’s questionable whether to add the nine-year veteran to a rebuilding Celtics team. Furthermore, Okafor missed the entire season after suffering a severe neck injury that will likely scare off any interest.

3.     Andray Blatche, F, Brooklyn Nets: Like Monroe, Blatche isn’t a true centre but showed encouraging signs last season. It would be a considerable gamble to sign him as a starter due to his past history of attitude issues and inconsistent career.

4.     Jermaine O’Neal, C, Golden State Warriors: O’Neal was valuable for the Warriors last season and rim protectors like him are rare. Whether there’s any interest in a reunion between the Celtics and O’Neal is another matter.

5.     Elton Brand, F/C, Atlanta Hawks: Brand has shown that he still has plenty to offer. But at 35 years of age, it would be a big risk to ask him to serve major minutes let alone start.


Celtic fans, what should Danny Ainge do? Should he acquire a free agent, explore more trade options or try harder to get Kevin Love?