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Sunday, 13 July 2014 15:24

Is LeBron James going home or just making a stop over?

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Is LeBron going home or is this just a lay over waiting for 2016 to come along?

LeBron James is going home… that is what all are saying. Sports Illustrated broke the story by giving us an essay from the Akron native, ESPN has been telling us all about it for the last two days, trying to make people forget they did not break the story and the rest of the sports media is giving their spin on the event, be it main stream or a blogger like myself. And of course the fans are telling us how great or awful all of this is.

But, while Cavaliers fans try to mend their burnt uniforms and the fences with the one who left them four years ago and the Cav ticket office tries to print more and more tickets as it seems that there aren't enough to go around, I like to focus on something else. Is James going home, or is he just making a stopover waiting for another chance at a big splash somewhere else?

Coming home to me would have meant a long term deal, one that would basically enshrine the hometown hero as a Cav for life, with the exception of the four year vacation to South Beach. Two seasons does not do that, does it now? It feels more like “I am here, now you show me that you will set up this team to win”, something that owner Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland front office was not willing or able to do the first time around.

Coincidentally in two years arguably the second best player in the NBA, Kevin Durant, will be a free agent and you have to wonder if James has made it known, either by either expressing it straight out or with this contract, that either the front office sets this team up for success or Northern Ohio might be in for another horrible summer in 2016.

If Gilbert & Company isn’t able to find a way to satisfy LBJ during the two seasons he is under contract and the four time MVP bolts to another destination, maybe to do one last Big Two or Three, people would be all over him. Which I would find hilarious as Shaquille O'Neal played for six different franchises in his career and no one ever said a word about it. Paul Pierce is now on his third team in three seasons and I doubt anyone will say anything about it.

Having said all of that, this summer's shining jewel of free agency was to be Carmelo Anthony. The opting out of Miami by the Big Three made it so that Melo took a back seat, and not just to LBJ as Chris Bosh was more of a story than he was. In two summers many thought it would be Durant’s summer, or say it isn’t so... “KD’s decision”, but with the way that James has his contract done, is Durant, like Anthony, going to play second fiddle to the “Chosen One”?

Maybe. maybe not, but you have to admit it will be interesting to see how all of this unfolds in the next twenty-four months. Let us not forget, that in two years Kobe Bryant's over paid contact would be done in Tinsel Town, making that another spin on where mega stars could be headed. 

Or, if you are someone who sees things in a positive way when it comes to LBJ you could say that he wanted the max contract for just two years so that when someone like KD comes on the market he would take less money to have him come to Northern Ohio. I know, I know, I am probably on an island by myself with that theory, but it needed to be thrown out as well.

Dallas, Days of our lives, The Knot's landing, The young and the restless, and any other soap opera have nothing on the National Basketball Association. Heck, Mr. McMahon and the WWF have nothing on the Association, and pro wrestling is all scripted. As the commercial says... it's FANtastic!

Only time will tell what will happen between now and 2016, but one thing is sure, when it comes to LeBron James every movement he makes, good or bad, on the court or not, will be scrutinized under a microscope like no one else, which might stink for him, but gives bloggers like me ton of material to write about.