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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 11:59

The Baseline Ep. 75 - NBA Free Agent Frenzy | NBA Summer League Report

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Cal Lee and Warren Shaw discussing the Hot Button Topics of the NBA.

This week Shaw and I are knee deep in the chaos of the Free Agent Frenzy, we give you the F.A.T. Report breaking down the signings and sifting through the rumors of the available players. Is there BackDraft with the Big 3.




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Wade and Bosh apparently are not on the same page with the game plan of Lebron, and can this derail Riley Rally to "retool" his team. The Carmelo Tour ended in LA, with both the L akers and Knicks sitting as the top destinations for one of the NBA's most prolific scorer's. Where does he land? Is Pau aperfect fit in Chicago, OKC or San Anotonio, we explo re the Spainard's Explorations. No More Kidd's Play, Billy King got his Grown Folk Hiring on and provided the Nets with Lionel Hollins. Good Hire? Well break it down. We als o discuss the Louis Williams trade to Toronto, and Magic releasing a quality core player.  We also provide out Summer League Report . All this and more in a PHAT EDITION of THE BASELINE.