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Monday, 08 April 2013 02:43

Locker Room Video: Garnett's Back!

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The Celtics beat the Washington Wizards in a game that featured the return of Paul Pierce (who sat the last game due to an ankle injury) and Kevin Garnett, who hadn’t played since March 8. However, it was Brandon Bass that stole the show, scoring 20 points and grabbing six rebounds.

Kevin Garnett said it felt good to be back, but was all-praise to Bass, Wilcox and Randolph (who finished the game with a combined 21 points and 12 rebounds on 8-9 shooting).


Brandon Bass talked about his big night, said it is a lot easier to play with Garnett and reassured the media he has no problem playing power forward or center.



Doc Rivers was thankful to see Brendon Bass stepping up and even more thankful to see Garnett back on the floor.



Paul Pierce, who received the Red Auerbach trophy prior to the game, was also glad to see Garnett in uniform again.



Chris Wilcox contributed with 13 points (a season-high) and five rebounds, and was yet another Celtic to rejoice at Garnett’s presence.



Avery Bradley went a different direction and talked about the bench’s influence on the Celtics. Tonight, they contributed with 42 points.