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Thursday, 29 May 2014 13:16

What’s next for the Bruins’ Jarome Iginla?

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The Boston Bruins would be wise to keep hold of Jarome Iginla, if their recent performance is anything to go by.

Speed has been a key element for the Boston Bruins recently, who were plagued throughout the postseason by their slow performance which ultimately led to them not making it to the semi-finals. Just likethe previews predicted, the Detroit Red Wings achieved a split with the Bruins in their first two games, and Bruins lost both of their games in Detroit this season. With a new season on the cards, the Boston Bruins would be wise to keep hold of Jarome Iginla, if their recent performance is anything to go by.The team was unable to match the speed of some of the Atlantic Division’s new additions, and also had trouble being able to finish, signaling a desperate need for change. Iginla is one catalyst for this change: throughout the season he met all expectations and reached his required 30 goals. However, while he achieved each of these feats, there were instances in which he seemed to slow the team down, so the Bruins need to contemplate exactly what they want from him if they wish to keep him for the next season. More than just a salary Iginla’s paycheck is just one of the concerns for the Bruins as they look forward to the next season. According to Mike Cole, Iginla consumed $1.8 million worth of cap space in 2013-14, but his impressive season indicated that he did indeed hit many of his performance-related bonuses, which count against the 2014-15 cap. The veteran goal scorer’s initial one-year deal worked out extremely well for the Bruins, who offered Iginla a low salary coupled with high potential incentive, most of which were met. He ended up making $5.5 million. But despite his bonuses, Iginla will have to focus on his speed if he is to continue to impress in the future. Bruins president Cam Neely said: “I thought he started out a little slow, but obviously he’s a leader. He ended up scoring 30 goals, which is not easy in this league anymore.” At age 36, Iginla will certainly have to work hard to improve his speed, but it’s clear that he has impressed the Boston Bruins. He turns 37 on July 1st, the day his contract expires – let’s hope that the Bruins accept his speed issues and make the right decision.
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