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Friday, 04 October 2013 22:50

Boston Bruins get a surprise from Jarome Ignila on opening night

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Many Bruins fans were excited that the franchise decided to bring in veteran Jarome Ignila, but you did have a few who were a little upset by the move at first glance. Anger is understandable because he did snub the Bruins last year, as he stated, “I have a better chance to win a Cup in Pittsburgh.” As we all know, that story didn’t end well for Ignila or the Penguins, as the B’s sent them home packing in four games.  Over the summer the team still reached out to Ignila, and of course this time he didn’t hesitate to jump ship on the Penguins to come play for the B’s. 

Opening night against the Lightning last night was quite eventful for many reasons, and one of those being Ignila. The future Hall of Fame vet might not have gotten on the score sheet, but he let his fist do a little bit of the talking.  Playing hockey in Boston is different than playing for any other NHL organization because here you play their brand of hockey or you will get sent packing. For a long period of time now, the B’s have been known for their tough, physical brand of play. Defense always seems to outweigh offense here, for the simple fact that defense leads to more offense.

Last night, Ignila felt that Lightning’ player Radko Gudas took a cheap shot at him, and he decided to retaliate. The two players dropped the gloves to dance for a round or two. While the fight ended up being pretty even, the Bruin faithful still roared with delight, as the Ignila was skated to the box. He went from having mixed feelings about him being in Boston, to an instant fan favorite.

After the game, Ignila was obviously asked to speak about the fight; “It wasn’t planned, I wasn’t planning on getting run over there either,” he stated. It’s always a positive thing when a player is willing to defend himself or his teammates by dropping the gloves, and something that is pretty popular in Boston.  Ignila was also asked about the atmosphere in Boston, “I haven’t played a ton of games here, but over the years I’ve come in here and it’s been a tough place to play. It’s always a great crowd, they’re into the game, yelling, it’s tough hockey here.”  Boston fans are happy about Ignila, and will continue to be as long as he keeps playing “Bruins Hockey.”