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Wednesday, 25 September 2013 16:58

Boston Bruins Coach Claude Julien is stuck between a rock and a hard a place

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October 3rd, 2013 is a day that all Bruin fans should have marked or starred on their calendar. This is the day many have been waiting for since the end of an outstanding Stanley Cup run that was made by the B’s ended. While the fans are getting geared for this day, Coach Claude Julien and his staff might share the same enthusiasm because some tough decisions will have to be made before then. The whole training camp/pre-season has been a success for the Bruins in many ways, especially when it comes to talent, as the B’s roster doesn’t lack that by any means. Deciding who stays on the 23-player roster will be extremely tough this year, and don’t take my word for it, as Coach Julien states “I think it’ll come right down until the end to make those last few calls because what we’ve got right now, we’ve got a lot of discussions on certain players.”


The competition is really heating up for the third line in all likelihood, as the Bruins really pride themselves in being a well-rounded team. The Bruins were able to make that deep playoff push last season because of the play of all their lines, not just their top two; remember at one point during the playoffs last season, the B’s skated out a total of three rookie defensemen due to injuries, so you can see where all these tough decisions are coming from.  “There’s quite a few guys in the mix. That’s some of the stuff I alluded to this week by saying we’re going to have some tough decisions at the end,” which was stated by Julien after the game against the Caps.


Coach Julien also went on to state, “And there’s no doubt those decisions will be made as a group; upper management, coaches involved because everbody’s going to have an opinion and going to have to weigh pro’s and cons and everything else that goes with it.”


One player we know that is going to make this roster is Torey Krug, who has been putting on a great performance in the pre-season games, which comes to no surprise to the fans as he put on a clinic in the post-season last year.  Most teams would love to be in the position, that being having to much talent on one roster. There are plenty of teams in the NHL that are struggling to fill their first two lines, let alone have players on every single line that gives your team a chance to win on any giving night.  It will be interesting to see exactly what players make the roster and what guys get sent down to the minors, but make no mistake whatever is decided the Bruins will have to be considered a title contender either way going into this season.