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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 23:22

Boston Bruins: Why trading Brad Marchand would make no sense

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How long did it take the Boston Bruins to be an almost completely different team compared to the team that took the ice in June? The answer to that question is simple; it only took about a month or so for the roster to be revamped.  The franchise lost Nathan Horton to free agency, Jaromir Jagr wasn’t picked back up and Tyler Seguin/Rich Peverly were traded to the Dallas Stars.  Fans have had mixed feelings about Seguin being traded, but will that be the end of the moves mad by the Bruins front office? It has been reported that the Bruins are shopping Brad Marchand along with fellow teammate Chris Kelly. 

If the front office wants to lose a player who displays what it means to be a Bruin every single time he steps on the ice, then by all means trade this guy immediately. At this point it doesn’t seem to make much since to trade the Marchand, as he has been a stellar player for the B’s throughout his entire career. As most Bostonians know, it takes a special player to suit up in the New England area, and Marchand has been a monster on the ice, but a moral citizen when off of it.  It leaked out that Seguin was traded partially because of his misconduct off the ice, which is something that just isn’t accepted when playing for the Black and Gold.  How important is Marchand to the B’s? Let’s take a closer look at what exactly he has done of the course of his career.

The 2010-2011 season was Marchand first full season in the NHL, and he made the most of his opportunity.  In the playoffs, Marchand tailed eleven goals, while chipping in eight assists in the process.  In game seven of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, Marchand netted two goals, which would eventually deem the Bruins the champions that year.  He would continue his success into the 2011-2012 season, where he would score 28 goals, and followed that up with 18 goals in the partially locked-out season of 2013. While of this is important to ensure a team success throughout a season, it’s the little things that Marchand does that makes him so important to the organization.  Marchand’s motor is always running, every time his skates touch the ice, he is constantly going full speed while giving 110% effort.  On most nights, Marchand is considered to be the agitator, gets teams to commit stupid penalties, while getting into their head as well.  The Bruins have hung their hat on the defensive side of the ice for quite some time, and Marchand is one of the staples that keep the defense together for the B’s.  If the Bruins want to continue their defensive success that they have had, then they better think long and hard before they decide to pull the trigger on a trade that involves Brad Marchand.