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Saturday, 29 June 2013 18:51

Boston Bruins Report: Nathan Horton jumping ship, while others could be getting shipped.

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Hasn’t Boston already been through enough in the month of June? First, Ray Allen (dare I say his name) wins the NBA Finals with Celtics rivalry, the Heat. Then you have the Bruins falling apart, while only taking seventeen seconds to do so, and then had to watch the Blackhawks hoist the cup on their home ice. Those two things alone are pain enough, but then Doc Rivers quits on the Celtics to go coach the Clippers, soon to be followed by the trading of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets.  I would say June has been a pretty terrible month, but is it about to get worse? According to Nathan Horton’s agent, Horton will not be returning to the Bruins because he wants a new beginning with a different team. This news broke just shortly after the team announced they were listening to offers concerning Tyler Seguin.

 Now Tyler Seguin (and honestly Brad Marchand can be included in this) is a different story because he underperformed all postseason. Seguin went scoreless in the last eleven games of the playoffs, and only registered one goal the whole playoffs (22 games). Phil Kessel is who they traded away to get Seguin, and now Kessel has blossomed into a flat out talent, while Seguin at this point is just been average. While people are critical on Seguin, there is no question that he has the capability to be a fantastic player, but how long will the Bruins be willing to wait for him to get it together? Seguin comes with a big price tag as well, as he is supposed to get $5.75 million a year, for the next six seasons. It would be tough to move Seguin based on his poor performance (0.596 point per game), and how costly it could be for other teams to employ him.

The Bruins also should look into cutting ties with Rich Peverly along with Chris Kelly, who both have underperformed when the pressure heats up.  Both of these players are signed to long-term deals at right around $3.12 million per year. If the Bruins could somehow shed both of these players, they could make decent room to add a couple of good pieces.  Marchand hung goose eggs in the playoffs across the board, and was just really a shell of himself for the most part.  I think Marchand might be safer than the others we have talked about because of the simple fact he has normally performed at such a high-level. There have been recent rumors that the Bruins are interested in Vincent Lecavalier, who is a special talent, and will probably be available at a decent price. With whatever the Bruins decide to do this off-season, let’s hope that they get scorer’s because that seems to be the biggest problem for the B’s throughout a long season.