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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 19:40

Boston Bruins: Its the Little Things in Life

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In sports, it’s often said that the little things are what wins games when it’s all said and done. It doesn’t matter what sport is being played, when a team out hustles their opponent often time they will be the winner at the end of the night.  Throughout the playoffs, the Bruins can be found doing all the little things which is why they have only lost two games in their past seven contests. In the Penguins series, Jagr fought along the boards for a puck in overtime, which would lead to the game winner. Bergeron would talk about the effort Jagr always puts forth by saying, “That little detail, he fought for the puck along the boards and won it. That started the play and got it to Marchand. You notice that as a teammate, it’s what we all need to do.” The Bruins are dialed in and playing very well as a team right now. Every player is putting it all on the line each night, as we have seen Campbell sacrifice his body to block a shot (which lead to a broken fibula), which is impressive.

Near the end of the game on Monday night, things finally got heated for the first time in the Stanley Cup Finals. There hasn’t been much more than a few shoves here and there in the Finals, and at some point you had to think that some fights would breakout. Only 20 seconds left in the game, Chara shoved Blackhawks Bryan Bickell to the ice in front of the net. Bickell would respond by cross-checking Bruins defenseman, which is where it all broke lose. The game at that point was over, and instead of letting it go Chara decided to send a message to the Blackhawks that they can’t camp out in front of their net.  Chara decked Bickell onto the ice, and then stayed on top of him, throwing shot after shot.

                The Chara and Bickell scrum led to Brad Marchand and Andrew Shaw drop the gloves. While neither player landed any punches, both wrestled one another to the ice. Shaw would get the better of his opponent, as he landed a blow while Marchand was lying on his back. Regardless of the outcome, the Bruins wanted to send a message to the Blackhawks, when you try to crowd the net you will get punished. The Bruins helped out Rask tremendously by keeping the front of the net clear, while also blocked a total of 15 total shots for the game.

                For most of the playoffs, the B’s have done the little things throughout games that led to victories. In game three, the faceoff circle was huge for the Bruins as they won 40, and the Blackhawks only 16. The faceoff is something that a lot of times is overlooked throughout a game, but honestly it can have a big impact on the game. When a team isn’t winning at the circle (especially in their own end) chances are they aren’t handling the puck much for the game, and have to play on the heels.  The Bruins seemed to have control of the puck, which explains why they had so many scoring chances and the Blackhawks didn’t.  Our only hope that the Bruins can continue their stellar play moving forward in this series, and will be the team hoisting the Cup at the end of this magnificent run.