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Sunday, 13 July 2014 23:09

Time to Trade Chris Kelly

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Money is becoming an issue in Boston and it is really preventing the Bruins from being able to reach into their pockets and sign any free agents or even keep what they already got.

So as last season ended the Boston Bruins felt they were going to be able to keep Jarome Iginla on their team. But as Iginla bolted for the Colorado Avalanche, who gave him a three-year/$16 million dollar deal, questions arose on the Bruins weariness to spend money.

After three months of speculation from teams, players and fans that the NHL salary cap would exceed $70 million dollars everyone was shocked in a depressed way once it was announced it would register in at $69 million heading into the 2014-2015 season.

As the Bruins sit right now their spending on contracts heading into next season is roughly $67,4000,000 with roughly $1,700,000 left to spend on a player to try and help fill the void left by Iginla. One way the Bruins can free cap space is by trying to trade "center" Chris Kelly and his 3,000,000 contract.

One issue arises, Chris Kelly has a no trade clause. With the no trade clause on the books it looks like Bruins GM, Peter Chiarelli, will have to do a lot of persuading to the veteran to waive that clause.

There is no way if the Bruins do indeed trade Kelly that a team would take his full contract especially with his lack of production so the Bruins would have to eat some of his deal. Kelly's has been with the Bruins for four season and has only had one season in which he played a full year. It was 2011-2012 and Kelly netted 20 goals with 19 assists. In 2010-2011, when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, Kelly only played in 24 games and he was a -1. Kelly has only played in 197 out of a possible 270 games during his time in Boston. He's dealt with a broken leg, broken ankle, broken nose, etc. all keeping him on the shelf for a while.

Kelly is a career +2, with 12 goals and 20 assists in 90 playoff games during his 10-year career.

Lack of time on the ice topped with injury history topped with lack of production topped with a huge contract make Kelly a prime candidate to ship out of Boston.

Kelly,33, has played on the Bruins third line during his tenure in Boston.

Possible landing spots include the Florida Panthers, the Calgary Flames and the Buffalo Sabres. Why? These teams all need forwards, veterans and have money to spend. Oh ya and most likely aren't going to be relevant for a while so why not let Kelly teach the young forwards the ropes on playoff hockey.

The Bruins traded for Chris Kelly in 2011 from the Ottawa Senators.

Kelly's contract will pay him $3 million a year for the next two years until it comes off the books at the end of the 2015-2016 season.

His leadership and two-way forward ability would be missed but his contract will not.