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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 20:29

Boston Bruins: Patrice Bergeron played Game Six with hole in his lung

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Growing up, many athletes will play through pain because it just comes with the territory of playing sports. How many can remember playing with multiple injuries at a time? For those of you that can honestly say you played a sport with multiple injuries, I salute you.  There have been many moments in sports where a player has inspired a nation by playing hurt. Who can forget when Kirk Gibson came to the plate in the bottom of the ninth of the World Series? Hobbling with two bad legs, Gibson had one of the most heroic home-runs in baseball history.  How about Curt Schilling pitching very well in game six of the ALCS with a torn tendon, which would eventually lead to the bloody sock incident? The list could go on for days, but none can compare to what Bruins Patrice Bergeron played through.

The Bruins didn’t salvage their season, there is no game seven, or hoisting of the Cup. Their season ended in “collapse fashion”, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Throughout most of the postseason, the Bruins battled injuries just like every other team, but theirs seemed to pile up. At one point the Bruins were starting three rookie defensemen because of injuries, all of which played very well considering they were thrown into the fire of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Before game six, the most memorable injury came to Gregory Campbell in the series prior to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Campbell broke his leg during a penalty kill shift and proceeded to keep skating for 48 seconds before going to the bench. To that point many had never witnessed such heroics from an athlete who is willing to keep playing despite going through excruciating pain.  Not to take anything away from Campbell’s effort, but what Bergeron played through is in a league of its own.

After the tough loss of game six, it was released that Bergeron went into the game with broken rib, torn cartilage, and during action he would separate his shoulder. Earlier today, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli would confirm that the doctors found a small hole (puncture) in the lung of Bergeron.

From WEEI: Bergeron was taken to the hospital following game six, where they discovered the hole in his lung. The team was unclear as to when or how the lung was punctured, though it was likely from a needle as a means of freezing the cartilage or from his broken rib.

Bergeron wanted to be on that ice with his teammates that night so bad, that he would put his health, and body on the line for a chance to win a championship for Boston again.  This is the true definition of a warrior, his pure dedication to helping this team his unmatched and second to none. Even if the Bruins didn’t bring the Cup back to Boston, the team is champions in the eyes of their fans, especially Bergeron!


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