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Saturday, 22 August 2015 01:00

Will there be two new teams added to the NHL in the near future?

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Quebec City and Las Vegas have announced they are in the 3rd phase of the NHL expansion process. 

     Deputy commissioner Bill Daly confirmed to the associated press that both cities have moved on to the 3rdphase of the expansion process.  The NHL is not expected to expand until 2017-18 the earliest.  If the process is handled correctly the NHL could be prepared to add a team or two by September.  Earlier today the Quebecor confirmed this while Josh Cooper confirmed the same expansion news for Vegas.  For Las Vegas this will be the first of the four major sports leagues to have a professional team.

     The 3rdstage of the expansion process has to deal with the NHL reviewing the business plan of each market.  The league also has to review the revenue projections and if approved the league could add the new teams. Commissioner Bettman wants an expansion fee of $500 million. This is a major jump compared to the $80 million paid by Columbus and Minnesota when the NHL expanded to 30 teams in 2000.

     Quebec City has an 18,000 plus seat arena set to open next month.  Las Vegas has a multipurpose arena being built near the strip due to open in the spring. The application fee for both cities was $10 million with $2 million of it being non-refundable.

     With the possibility of two new expansion team being added to the NHL this brings a lot of speculation about the possibility of a radical realignment in the NHL. When the NHL had last realigned the commitment was made for three years only.  This was due to the ongoing saga with the Arizona Coyotes.  The goal for Quebec City is to bring back the Nordiques.  Quebec was formally the home before they relocated to Colorado in 1995.   

     If the NHL expands to 32 teams it will without a doubt bring a major change.  It will bring more money to the sports and the new markets will bring in a decent amount of money as well.  It would not be a shock if the NHL realigned again because of the finances that come in traveling for road games.  The division would more than likely change as well. It will be an exciting time for the NHL if the process completes itself and two new teams are added. 

Jason Buckley

My name is Jason I am from Templeton Massachusetts.  I graduated from Fitchburg State with a bachelors degree in history and a business minor.