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Billy Wyatt

Billy Wyatt

Billy Wyatt is a New England Patriots beat reporter for CLNS Radio. Now covering the Patriots for multiple seasons, Billy is a veteran journalist at CLNSRadio.com A graduate of the University of Hartford with a communications degree, Billy’s prior experience was as a sports writer for the Hartford Informer.You can reach Billy via e-mail at bwyatt_91@yahoo.com. And you can follow him on Twitter @Billy_NFL.

With the NFL Draft now in the rearview mirror, teams around the league are gearing up for their mini-camps. 

The NFL Draft has come and gone. With that, teams around the league are re-setting their rosters and evaluating any new needs on the roster.

The first round of the NFL Draft is in the books. Heated debates will undoubtedly happen over who won or lost, but there are still more picks to be made over the next two days.

The NFL Draft is tonight believe it or not. Despite this, the Patriots won't be picking until Friday night. Even with that, the news around the team never stops.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 00:48

New England Patriots: Around the Web 4/27/16

The NFL Draft is now just two days away. Mock drafts are flying around as well as speculation of who will go where.

Another day in the books, another day closer to the NFL Draft. That typically would be the lead story this time of year, except Tom Brady has been suspended. Again.

The New England Patriots are focusing on this week's NFL Draft. The latest links leading up to the draft.

Thursday, 24 March 2016 16:33

New England Patriots News & Notes 3/24/16

The latest news and notes on the New England Patriots and the NFL.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016 01:31

New England Patriots Daily Links 3/23/16

Your daily source for links covering the Patriots.

Free agency has slowed to a snail's pace in the NFL. However, there is still news from around the league.

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